Togalai (toe-ga-lee) offers clients the ability to visualize their ideas when it comes to remodeling their homes and yards as well as space planning through 2d and 3d computer generated images. We also provide specifications and sourcing for materials and can recommend execution services by specialty. With our partner We Finish, we can offer a broader range of services. Be sure to check them out via the link in the navigation bar.

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I had 25 incredible years in the corporate world working in global consumer products as a creative director for fortune 200 companies. It allowed me to be involved in a variety of creative endeavors while traveling the world. I experienced the most enjoyment in the design and development of branded experiential environments. This combined with my love of architecture and home refurbishing led me to move out of corporate to pursue my passions independently. Over the past few years I further developed my skills by working with an independent contractor on various home improvement projects. I refurbished several homes and supplemented my education with a certification in interior design and space planning. Currently I am living in and working on renovating an a-frame in Lake Arrowhead, CA. I will most likely sell after a time to move onto another live/work project. Personally, I do not enjoy the idea of a quick flip as I like to emotionally connect with a property to bring out its unique qualities and differentiate it from the typical quick flip for profit. Living in the property also gives me financial flexibility and allows me to work on additional design development projects that help other people wisely initiate home projects of their own. This website represents a bit of what I have been up to the past few years as well as where I am at currently. For a look at my past corporate projects, feel free to review my work at Daniel-nation.squarespace.com


Residential Interior Design Qualifying Certification