Kitchen & Master Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen: Completely gutted kitchen and opened up entry walls. Design by Togalai and contracting work by Ezra Chowakian.

Master Bathroom: Completely gutted and turned single bath into a double friendly master bath. Design by Togalai and contracting work by Ezra Chowakian.


Design Update to Glendale Home

Modernized and added back in some era details that disappeared over the years as well as introduced smart home elements while keeping the home’s authentic charm. Design and interior by Togalai, craftsmen detailing by partner We Finish Construction and Carpentry and general contracting by Tamir Zipori. Be sure to check out the redone back yard pool and yard landscaping.

Sherman Oaks Condo Renovation

Total renovation of 2 bedroom/2 bath condo. Design by Togalai and finishing work done by partner, We finish Construction and Carpentry.

Included removing popcorn ceiling and replastering; Demolition and complete rebuild of Master Bathroom; Installed wood flooring throughout. Identified, sourced and purchased all interior materials and appliances. Completed all finishing work after new windows were installed.

Kitchen, Living Room, Guest Bedroom - After

Kitchen, Living Room, Guest Bedroom - After

Master Bedroom - After

Master Bedroom - After

Kitchen - Before

Living Room - Before

Master Bedroom - Before

Guest Bedroom - After

Guest Bedroom - After

Master Bath - After

Master Bath - After

Maxwell Dog, Studio City

When Maxwell Dog moved locations, Togalai was hired to create the space plan, which included developing a furniture key for existing furniture; lighting and electrical plan; mood boards and material sourcing and purchasing. With our partner, We finsih COnstruction and Carpentry, we built a custom food display “pantry” as well as window retailing platforms and refinished furniture and display items. We also assisted in painting and fixturing placement.

Furniture Key

Floor layout and lighting and electrical plan

Custom window platform and refinished claw foot bathtub.

Custom built “pantry”.

Mood Board